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Wayne D. Ferree

Wayne Ferree began carving stone when he was 22 years old, using pen knifes and files to carve soapstones and alabasters. A few years later he bought a beginner hammer and chisel set from Sculpture House NYC and started carving limestone, slate and marble. Ferree in his mid thirties was employed at the National Cathedral DC and learned to apply his skills to architectural stone carving. Upon leaving the cathedral in 1988 he moved to the Scranton Pennsylvania area and started a sculpture studio concentrating on landscape ornamentations and architectural stone carving.

In the early 90’s Ferree was employed on a steady basis to design and create numerous architectural stone carving for existing and new construction on the Elmira College Campus, Elmira NY. The president of the college, refers to the campus as Ferree’s Theme Park. Also Ferree was mentored by Mr. Julius Tomassetti, of Tomassetti Cut Stone, Wilkes-Barre, PA., where he performs hand work on architectural moldings and carvings. To date Ferree maintains a carving studio near Tunkhannock, PA and produces sculpture for various established clients and is open to commission work.