Simeon A Warren

Simeon A Warren
S.A.Warren & Daughters Ltd Co.
2027 Harrietta Court,
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29464
[T] (843) 301-1919
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Simeon A. Warren is a Cathedral trained mason, stone carver and conservator who has worked in the field professionally since 1989. His company, S.A.Warren & Daughters, is a traditional stone carving, sculpture and conservation specialist generally working in the Charleston, South Carolina region. Specializing in Limestone but with the skills necessary to work in many materials including slate and marble.

Director of S.A. Warren & Daughters
Trained as an architectural stone carver at Weymouth College Simeon completed his training under an apprenticeship at Lincoln Cathedral. He moved on to work at Wells Cathedral Stonemasons attaining the position of deputy yard foreman before continuing his work in Charleston SC having emigrated in 2001. His work includes stonework for Buckingham Palace, Palace of Westminster and The City of Charleston.

Dean Emeritus at American College of the Building Arts.
Having moved to Charleston SC he was the founding faculty member at the School of Building Arts, which was the former organization succeed in 2005 by The American College of Building Arts. ACBA is a college built by craftspeople for craftspeople, with a mission to train craftspeople in traditional and contemporary Building Arts practice and is the leading Academic institute focused on training the next generation of master crafts people. In 2004 Simeon delivered the College’s initial License to the local Commission on Higher Education, hiring the colleges faculty and overseeing the accreditation process. He attained the position of Dean of the College in 2006. In 2010 he made the decision to move way from administration stepping down as Dean in 2013 to concentrate on his family, teaching, private architectural stone practice and developing the ideas behind The Stone People.

Artistic Director of the Stone People Project.
The Stone People Project is Simeon’s long term research project based on finding the names of the master masons who built the English Medieval Cathedrals particularly Lincoln Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, via a link between the Eleanor Crosses and the Angel Choir. This project will present ideas based on known information on medieval theology, mathematics, geometry and sculptural practice to represent and showcase the work of these masons and contemporary practitioners of stone carving and conservation. The Stone People will eventually become a mutli-site collaborative public art project utilizing English historic sites, events and sculpture practice.

By working in stone, teaching stone and promoting stones importance Simeon hopes to enhance our understanding of the stone craft historically and showcase how it can be utilized today.

Simeon Warren has been Recognized in Charleston South Carolina with the Samuel Gaillard Stoney Conservation Craftsmanship Award for his Distinguished Individual work in Architectural Stone Carving. In 2012 he was also awarded the Askins Achievement Award by The Preservation Trade Network for his work in Educating Craftspeople and Promoting Craftsmanship.