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Written in Stone
A short film about Patrick Plunkett and the Washington Cathedral.

My career and 40 years of experience carving stone began in 1962 at South Dorset Technical College in Weymouth, England, where, at the age of 15, I apprenticed as a stone cutter.

My first restoration experience was in Nottingham working on country churches and city banks. I graduated to the prestigious restoration team for the 700-year old Salisbury Cathedral, where, over a tenure of 7 years, I learned invaluable restoration skills and instructed new apprentices in the arts of traditional masonry.

In 1975, I was offered a position as stone carver at Washington National Cathedral, where I worked under the careful eye of two master carvers on such projects as Frederick Hart’s three “Creation” sculptures over the west doors. I worked at Washington Cathedral until its completion and dedication in 1990.

Later, I was invited to do part-time restoration work on the White House in 1986, and accepting a full-time position as Superintendent of Stone Restoration in 1991.

Specialties: Architectural carving and restoration are my areas of expertise.

“Stone has a beautiful feel to it. I love the way it moves . . . you can work it to breathe, to give it life, to give it texture, to give it feeling. You can’t do that with a piece of plaster.”