Joseph D. Moss

Joseph D. Moss
3162 Harness Creek Road
Annapolis, MD 21403
[T] 410-268-3436
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I have 30 years experience in carving stone. In my six years with the Cathedral Stone Co. of Washington D.C., I produced hand cut architectural ornamentation, incised lettering, and sculptural elements. My work is informed by eight years of study in portrait and figure modeling and drawing.

I strive to provide the highest level of quality standards in my work, from the earliest design ideas to the completed project.


  • Original design representational realism.
  • Portraits from life or photos.
  • Designed and carved inscriptional lettering in any workable stone and other materials.

“The finest carving will not redeem a poor design, while a fine design will survive poor carving. — J. H. Benson”