John D. Van Camp

Although equipped with a degree in geology, I decided that a career actually working with stone would be more fulfilling. Beginning an apprenticeship in stone masonry in 1972, contracting my own work by 1976 , and first being introduced to hand carving in 1980 (spending time with several sculptors participating in a carving symposium), I followed what was to me a natural and individual pathway to the present, and guild membership.

After 35 plus years of working stone, I have essentially “retired” and am no longer soliciting any major contracts. The residual effects of agent orange exposure and other service connected injuries prevent me from being physically capable of working the long hours needed to produce work in a timely manner.

Many of my major contacts have been passed on to a very talented young man who apprenticed with me a decade ago. Currently, my only carving consists of personal sculptural pieces and the occasional grave marker.

As a long time member of the guild, I intend to keep my membership current in support of the guild even though I am currently not a working professional member.

“Who knows what the future holds?”