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Dan Sinclair
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I have 35 years experience in carving stone, but it wasn’t my years of academic training that prepared me for this art. It was the craftsmen of Italy.

In 1970, having earned an MFA from Pratt Institute, and having been awarded several prestigious fellowships for my student work, I conceived the idea of going to Pietrasanta, Italy to discover if there was anything further that I could learn about stone carving.

Pietrasanta is a town renowned for its marble quarries and fine stone carving since Roman times. Trudging from studio to studio, portfolio in hand and speaking a rudimentary Italian, I was met by unfailing patience from the Italian craftsmen, but soon found that finding a position there was not to be so easy.

As the weeks went by, I focused my efforts on the premier shop in the town, the studio of Pasquino Pasquini. Eventually, by dint of sheer persistence, I found a position there. Floor sweeper! While performing this and other duties for which the management deemed me qualified, and assisting the skilled artisans, it began to dawn on me that, in spite of my academic achievements, I knew nothing about stone, about tools, about craftsmanship. I knew nothing about art. Thus began an apprenticeship under Mr. Pasquini which was to last for five years.

Today, my D.M.S. Studios can supply carved stone for the most refined and detailed interior as well as massive cut stones for the most imposing exterior. Also available is a broad selection of both domestic and imported limestone and marble in a wide range of colors and textures. Most important of all, is the pride we take in offering the finest in artistic and technical service to our customers.

Specialties: Hand carved stone sculpture and architectural elements in limestone, marble and granite.

I am an architectural carver – all styles and periods. Limestone and sandstone are my materials.

  • Models for casting in bronze or synthetics
  • Drafting and pattern making
  • All specialty hand tools forged in shop
  • Original design skills
  • Absolute historic accuracy


“Since 1979 D.M.S. Studios has specialized in offering custom stone carving and fabrication services to discerning customers throughout the United States. Whether the design is an original D.M.S. Studios concept or historic reproduction, the customer can be assured of museum quality excellence in every project.”