Clark Mitchel

My carving started in 1974 working under Bob Thomas. The late 70s brought me to Pietrasanta, Italy, where I worked in a marble shop. I lived in Vermont and worked Vermont Marble during the early 1980s and later in Chichester, England to intern at the Cathedral Works Organization in masonry drafting and stone cutting. I worked for marble companies in the San Francisco Bay area before I started my architectural stone company: Alma Stone.

My typical architectural stone project begins with a proposal drawing based on consultation with the architect and client. I will then develop shop drawings that reflect the scale and overall design of the setting. I like to include carved features that carry a personal significance to the owner. An example is a job where I carved two fireplace headers decorated with the client’s two favorite flowers: dogwood and trillium.

I enjoy doing inscriptions in stone. I learned letter design and cutting from the master carver Kenneth Child in England. The letter design of the sign or monument is determined by the text, tastes of the client, the size and type of stone, and the readability requirements.

My restoration projects have included building facades, sculptures, and cemeteries. These jobs require careful stabilizing of old stonework and re-carving of lost or damaged stones. Reattachment needs to be discrete but secure, especially in our earthquake prone area. My work in England restoring building from Gothic to Victorian prepared me for this work.

“My training with traditional English and Italian carvers set high standards that I strive to meet with my architectural carving, letter inscriptions, and restoration.”