Autumn Bildson

I have been creating beautiful, quality artwork in Michigan for over 20 years either for personal use, to sell, to fit a customer’s personal artistic desire, or for the Parade Company. My artistic talent spans nearly all mediums and was developed through years of training and teaching at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center and Cranbrook.

StoneArt Studio is a one-woman business. I have been stone carving for nearly half of my life. However, StoneArt Studio can and has produced other artwork through different mediums; examples include: fireplaces, architectural elements, sculptures, paintings, and murals. Though I am currently working out of Ortonville, Michigan, I have done jobs all over the state. I take pride in satisfying my customers’ artistic desires. I want you to be amazed and awestruck when you see the quality and refinement of StoneArt Studio’s work. StoneArt Studio specializes in realistic expression but is also trained in abstract creativity. Indiana limestone is the stone of choice for StoneArt Studio because of its flawless quality and weather versatility; on a side note, marble is always best for busts and more refined work. However, StoneArt Studio will use whatever medium the customer prefers. StoneArt Studio strives to stay within your budget. Most of my work is one of a kind and therefore visits to the site and architectural drawings are the beginning step to most projects. I have many satisfied customer referrals which are only a phone call away if you are interested in a unique piece of art from StoneArt Studio.


“My inspiration for my artwork comes from nature and from meeting my customers.”